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Tribe 11 (Series 1)



With these BYO plans being axed within months of release, what may we draw from the stability of my mobile service with Live Connected ?  I am happy enough with the Optus service, but should I now be shopping around due to the uncertainty of the Live Connected deals ?  For example, the Tribe 11 Series 1 plan has been replaced by one almost exactly double its base price and with a 10% hike in unit usage charges not so many months after the Tribe 11 Series 1 was introduced.  Will I be suddenly cut off without warning and obliged to select a new plan or a new provider ?

The other frustration is that once some family members are with Live Connected it is preferable to add other family members to Live Connected BUT unfortunately it is no longer the best option in the market place! Very disappointing... have started researching better options...

Indeed.  It is now difficult to convince my family that Live Connected is a stable provider. My siblings and their children are reluctant to switch. I am also considering what service provider is most suited for my small business of 15 people.

I am on the tribe 11 plan, but I am led to believe that LC will still honour this deal as we were signed up before the change. This is usally the case in the past experience with optus.  I may be wrong, but if you read the fine print, LC will give customers notice of intention and THEN you will know and change providers if you are not happy.

Paul, you are right. LC will honour it for you because you already have the plan. My frustration is that I now need to get a plan for my going-to-highschool son but it will be more expensive than mine!

Jennifer share your predicament. ....Have you found a better option?

LC is fantastic value but there is even better. try a website called whistleout, and it will answer your Qs.

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