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Large Plan (Winter '12)


Why couldn't they tell the customers of the BYO changes? I was gonna upgrade after my holiday then BAM, plan increase what? 

At least send us an email !!

Hi LC, I upgraded my phone plan to this one before it got discontinued from the $11.99 to $17.99 per month. Can you please confirm the price I have to pay per month will STILL be $17.99pm (more for excess). On top of that, shouldn't my usage, data and calls should have changed in my account section?   Appreciate the response please. Thanks!

plan suddenly changed price much higher

this is absolutly ridiculous  i was going to upgrade my plan to 18 a month, and now i have to pay 4$ a month more, for less value, at least dont decrease the value, or give us more value for our money, other companies such as TPG and so on have nearly over powered you with their competitive rates! you guys are already loosing future customers and customers you already have, ive convinced more than 5 people in the past that this is there best option and theyve chosen live connected, but now there coming to me saying that did you see the rates go up?? now LC you explain to them whats going on!

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