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My phone is locked. My phone says "Invalid SIM"



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This articles explains what do if you've put your Live Connected SIM into your handset or mobile device and a message comes up saying Invalid SIM.

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How can you tell if your handset is locked

When you put your Live Connected SIM into your phone, if you get one of the following messages then your SIM is locked.

  • Invalid SIM
  • SIM Rejected
  • Please insert valid SIM
  • Enter network unlock code
  • SIM card registration failed


it looks like my handset is locked. now what

  • If your handset is locked he best thing to do is to get your previous provider to unlock your mobile device.
  • We've compiled a list of the common unlock links. Take me there

I have just joined Live Connected and porting my number from Three. My Three SIM has since been inactivated but the Live Connected SIM is still unusable after a few days. My handset is definitely unlocked as I've tried putting another Three SIM and a Lebara SIM and they both worked. I have lodged a request with Live Connected and the first time they told me that my handset is locked. I repeat: my mobile is NOT locked. I have replied to their statement and have yet to hear from them again.

I need this matter rectified urgently.

Hello there I have a samsung android phone I am a customer of liveconnected and I want to use my sim card on this ex vodaphone phone now when i turned the phone on it asked me for a password i put 12345 for 3 times and it locked the phone how can I unlock it the only message says  PHONE FREEZE SIM UNVAILABLE CONTACT UR SERVICE PROVIDER "SOS" AND "CALL" what to to since liveconnected has no customer service?

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