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Help I lost my phone and SIM



Products Affected

When you let us know that your SIM is lost, we will disable your SIM so no one else can use your SIM, and we will also arrange a replacement SIM to be sent to you. 



To report your service as lost

  • Click on MY SERVICES
  • From the My Services dashboard, click on the service you wish to report as lost


  • Once in the dashboard for your individual service, click on LOST SIM


  • Select the new SIM size you'd like
  • Have a read through the terms, and then click on the checkbox, and click SAVE


  • We will action the request , it will take between 15 minutes and 4 hours to go through on the network.


I reported my phone and sim stolen 5 days ago. ticket no 38528. I have ordered another one but have not received it and have not even had acknowledgement of my support request. On facebook there are many complaints from the last month concerning no replies to request for support and activation of sims or replacement sims. i have emailed also - no response. left two messages on the phone number listed - no response, only a message saying no staff available to help. What the hell is going on???

Hi I have lost my phone& sim.can you please blok my sim.please confirm when this has been Completed

how long does it take for a replacement sim to be sent ? 

I have lost my iphone & sim can you please block my sim or phone. Please confirm when this has been completed. 

I have lost my Phone & Sim, 

You cant just Stop the Sim

You have to Choose another Sim,  but What Phone am i getting next

Pls tell me the Sim size for my Unknown Phone

Big Problem There !!!

Yes. This is really bad. Where is  my replacement SIM? Or do you want me to port out to another carrier?

Hi, I have activated my sim and it has not been activated for the past 5 or so days, are you guys closed until the new year?

I ordered a new nano sim about a week ago, and it still havent received any news. it is definately waaaay past 15mins-4 hours as indicated by the service. phone is still working, and i have no idea when the new sim is coming. please reply. 

Credit where credit is due. They gave me a call, said they are sorry and admitted they dropped the ball. No B.S.

Hi Scott, Nathan, and Spencer - really sorry about that - it should have gone through.

We'll fix this up immediately.

Reported as lost and ordered a new sim about a week ago and still havn't even recieved confirmation saying it's been sent or anything, nothing , nada.....

Well it has 5 days since I reported my SIM lost, raised it with them. No news. I have recovered my phone, SIM is still working and can make incoming and outgoing calls. That is appalling.

I reported my sim lost on the 23/11 and still have not recieved any further information.

I have reported my SIM lost last night. But according to Avast security the SIM is still being used. Also how do I get my IMEI blocked so they cant use the phone as well as SIM?

How can i setup a temporary call forward while waiting for my new sim?

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