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SIM unavailable

Originally from ticket #500.

Tried to enter PUK number unsuccessfully and now the phone is saying SIM unavailable contact service provider.

Hi there, my sim replacement has been pending activation since yesterday. Is there anything I can do to speed up the process?

Hi, I recieved my sim card and it says it should be activated on 11th Jan 2013, my account shows it is "activated" however I can not make any calls or recieve calls. I sent through many request for help but still no response. My work ticket is 23186 submitted on 14th Jan. Till today I still have no response from the support team.  I left messages on the helpdesk voicemail and also no repsonse.  Please HELP. Thank you


The service was activated a week ago, but I have yet to received the sim card in the mail. Tracking number comes up as invalid.  Your Australia Post Tracking ID is: 300628277092

Tracking ID:
Status: Invalid tracking ID

This is my third email request - no response.
Orlando 041 466 515

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