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Medium Plan (Winter '12)


And after all the hoopla our $11.99 Medium Plan is being replaced with a $19 Plan that has data reduced from 1.5 GB to 1.0 GB.  That's a whopping  58% increase for less! 

Change your new banner  from 20 000 + people trust us.... to 19 999 + people trust us.....!

if a number is 20000+ minusing a 1 still makes it 20000+. unless it said 20000 then it would be 19999.

You missed the point - there is one less happy customer, me!

In any case I assumed the + for 20000+ and 19999+ was the same and am therfore correct!

Presumably this is only for new customers, John: if you're already on the plan here, you should still receive everything from that plan - and not be changed to a new one, without your consent/agreement.

It would have been prudent for LC to have notified existing customers that their old plans would not be affected!  It's still a big increase for new customers.

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